The Circle - First Nations Entrepreneur Hub provides support across the five key service elements for members.

The range of services aim to provide holistic support and respond to key challenges identified by the First Nations business sector.

The service elements are:

Business Development Support
Streamlined access to existing services through individual business development support, referral and connection to The Circle community. Complementing the existing incubation and start-up support services already available at Lot Fourteen.

Access to New Markets
Connection to a range of procurement and participation opportunities across South Australia with the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.  Where relevant, introductions to export market opportunities.

Expert Business Advice
Referral and linkages to existing support for key business acumen across various stages of growth. In addition, support to identify and source tailored, fit for purpose tools, initiatives, activities and support to suit the needs of an individual business.

Capability Growth
Networking opportunities and events to improve business-to-business relationships and stimulate engagement and participation in capacity, capability, and confidence building activities.

Access to the Physical Hub
Access to meeting rooms, providing a culturally safe place to be innovative, connect with others and conduct business from a central, well-equipped and professional location.